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Captain Whidbey Elopement Photography

Taking off to Whidbey Island to elope has to be the best idea. You get this marvelous ferry ride and then a beautiful scenic drive to your destination. Plus its literally so quick, the ferry ride is 20 minutes, the drive on the island is a single road to get to wherever you are going. Often times we see sea life during the ceremony, an occasional deer and don’t even get me started about the eagles. Its thrilling to see these moments and its extremely powerful too. One can’t help but feel that this is happening to celebrate a committed union. 


Arriving at Captain Whidbeys Inn I could hear a sea lion barking. To be honest, it didn’t phase me. I am always listening to one barking on a buoy at the beach. When I learned though that this was a freak coincidence I was stunned. Plus it wasn’t one sea lion, it was 20+ and they were barking and belching non stop as loud as a rock concert. My professional attitude flew away with the wind and I laughed and laughed for too long. 


The ceremony was held a distance from the colony of sea lions but we did take pictures with them as a back drop. Elopements allow me this chance to take pictures that don’t fit into a box. Hardly anyone is expecting gold standards and by not expecting it, I am able to offer it. It could just be me too, I like this look. When I took it I remember thinking, it may not make the final cut. Still, I kept it and worked it a little bit to reflect the real feeling and mood of the moment. I find it beautiful and it is a favorite from the series. Thank you clients who are there to enjoy the day and have fun. You are simply gorgeous in your natural state. 


                                                                               Captain Whidbey Inn coupeville elopement photo photographer professional whidbey island wedding clinton langley washington coupeville freeland oak harbor photos outdoor winter pnw micro woods sea lions couple love natural portrait candid digital.jpg