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Oh Summer time, how I love you! People often ask me if this is my busiest time taking pictures and while I would love to say yes, its upsettingly not. Since being here on Whidbey Island photography business has slowed down so much and the wintertime has become my busy time. We take a lot of Santa pictures here on Whidbey Island and it gets me right through the dark days. This summer has suddenly taken on a very busy photography schedule and it seems to have happened without any planning.


We have a parade that we will be photographing as well as an arts festival. I am hoping that being this public will help generate some weddings or senior photo sessions for me. While getting all these events organized I figured, Why not try and put your photography business in the fair too? Why not? On top of all this self-promotion I have to do some paid photography gigs. Enter my senior high school model I have literally waited a few years to turn a senior.


Its not stalking, but it was patiently waiting. A friends sister has finally reached high school senior status and I am so excited. She is gorgeous and photogenic and willing to be my model. She is from Whidbey Island but now lives in Lynnwood so she is connected to lots of potential other seniors. When she and I originally talked I wasn’t supposed to be this busy at all this summer and all of a sudden I am trying to find the time to get her senior session in. I keep driving by all these beautiful senior photo locations thinking, you have to email her and get this ball rolling! Consider it done.


While catching up on emails and answering photography inquiries I got the ball rolling on her senior session. I am hoping that we can begin her high school senior session on our Whidbey island ferry that offers a beautiful sun deck. A few years ago I had a high school senior session on the sun deck of the Edmonds-Kingston ferry and they were knock your socks off gorgeous.


So yay for busy summers! Yay for staying on top of your photography business! Yay for a great rebound after last weeks disaster! Yay for being on this beautiful Whidbey Island and having the luxury of being a great photographer specializing is high school senior portraits and weddings. Its truly a beautiful place to work.