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Engagement Session in Golden Gardens Seattle

Seven years ago I was asked by a family friend to photograph her sons senior portraits.  Unbeknownst to her, I had never photographed a high school senior. I was still new in the photography business and preferred taking pictures to working my 9-5 job so, I told her yes. Luckily for me it went well and photographing high school seniors has stuck which I love.

We met in downtown Edmonds on a very sunny day. It was not the perfect conditions for a senior session but we were able to get a few good pictures. His mom brought along his girlfriend to help calm his nerves and to get some pictures of the two of them. We had a lot of fun and over the years she has been a returning customer. Over the years I always asked about them and every time I was impressed they were still together. Both of them finished school, got jobs and are now engaged! For the first time in seven years we reconnected and had a fabulous engagement session.

The threat of rain was strong and the cold was with us but we won out and captured some wonderful images of the two of them in love. We went to Golden Gardens in January and discovered the beach was packed. They were gawked at, they were blinded by sun and chilled by wind but looking at the photos you would think they were alone and living the good warm life.

The grooms mother called me once she saw some sample images. She was in tears over how well I captured their love. It was so, so, so sweet to hear. The bride posted the image of them seven years ago and one from our session posing similarly stating she loves growing old with him. I am very excited about their September wedding and I hear their will be a corn field we can take pictures in!!!!