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Every Wedding Should Have A Horse

I feel like I hit the big time, a little bit like a big girl and I feel like I belong in an elite group of photographers. I got to photograph a real bride, on her wedding day, on top of a horse. Its a wedding photographers dream come true. 

We see these beautiful images of gorgeous brides on horses in breath taking settings but dp we ever get to take them? No. Most of the time those images we see are fake weddings, they were taken at a photography workshop and had the best of the best behind them. But not this wedding. It was real, she was gorgeous and it was perfect.

At first, she wasn't going to get on the horse. She asked her newly wed husband if she should. I spoke up from behind and highly encouraged it. I must have looked like a kid asking for the best piece of candy on earth. To my whimsy, she got up. The sun was setting, the scene was pastoral, it was the stars aligning for me. My bride was a natural and she looked so regal, so Vanity Fair on her horse. Her horse was also very well behaved. Sometimes a horse can ruin a picture by sticking it tongue out, making funny faces and refusing like a 2 year old to look at me. Her horse was a gem and just ate grass making the images look natural, the way images should look. 

I was able to get gorgeous, beautiful images of the newlyweds and their horses that are breath taking. It was such a treat to have a daring bride, a helping groom and well behaved animals. I didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to go to a workshop and capture the same image as 20 others. So please, if you have a wedding and you want to incorporate a horse, or better yet, an elephant, hire me pretty please!