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Family photography at Olympic Sculpture park by Farage Photography

I have been away from my blogging days for too long!! I had a very busy summer filled with family sessions, senior portraits and my new favorite, PHOTO BOOTH!!! Life on Whidbey Island sure has picked up. I also had a run in with a web developer who decided to go MIA but that will have to be a different blog. Today I want to talk about repeat business. It’s the best, FYI.


A few years ago I photographed my most nerve-wracking wedding at the Seattle Design Studio. The bride was GORGE, the couple was deep in Nordstrom culture and I was the chosen one. They have kept me with them ever since that day. Over the summer we did a very quick family session and I still got nervous about it. Today, they have a very cute little girl and they wanted to celebrate her turning 1. We met at the Olympic Sculpture Park and made the best of a rainy morning. The Olympic Sculpture Park has this wicked cool iron sculpture wall. It’s several walls and it makes the best backdrop for pictures. So, we started there. We moved onto grass where tiny girl feet got wet and not so happy. We did snag a super cute photo of her in designer heels macking on a bagel though. Next, we went inside and up some stairs where we got nice window shots and ended the session traveling downstairs where we got some great compositions and captured the essence of childhood and family fun.


Our little model couldn’t take too much in front of the camera due to hunger and sleepiness so our shoot only took maybe half an hour. I always want to milk the sessions but we nailed it and everyone loved the pictures.