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Farage Photography Wedding Photos at Seattle Arboretum

Photographing a wedding at the Seattle Arboretum was not a disappointment. In fact, it was the best experience I could have asked for. I have been going to the Seattle arboretum for twenty years and putting all that experience into a wedding was perfection.


Chris and Megan picked the best month to get married, May. My parents were married in Seattle in May and I have always had such a soft spot for that month. For Seattle it is exquisite because Spring has hit. The plants are green, the flowers are in bloom and the weddings are gorgeous. In fact the Spring is in such full bloom I had to have a bridesmaid keep me calm and chase a bee out of my hair. Whew. Other than that we got gorgeous pictures of the bride with giant leaves, the ferns were our prop for showcasing the wedding bands and Japanese Maples popped color all over the wedding photos. The Seattle arboretum offers so many unique and colorful places to take wedding formals. We captured the wedding dress hanging from wisteria plants, we photographed the groom in front of aged stone brightly covered with yellow moss. Everywhere I tuned were happy people against wonderful scenes begging to be captured for Chris and Meagan wedding album.


I am very excited about the next wedding to be photographed at the arboretum. I wish we had an arboretum here on Whidbey Island for wedding photos but I suppose our magical woods, mystic Puget sound scenes and multitude of rustic barns will have to suffice!