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High School Senior Photography

Photographing a high school senior is so refreshing. They are so bright, so fresh and so photogenic. I love to photograph a high school senior because honestly, that age is such a beautiful age.


Editing my senior photo shoots is always a lot of fun also. When I get done I feel like I just assembled someone’s modeling portfolio. I love all the poses, all the different scenes and all the gorgeous images. High School seniors are always a blast to photograph. Some are nervous at first but by the end we have become very chatty.


Some of my favorite high school senior sessions have been in fantastic locations. Once I went to Radar lake and photographed a Lynnwood High School senior boy boating, sporting and relaxing. I have had a girl from Edmonds High School take me across a ferry and up a tree. My best senior high school model session was here on Whidbey Island. We went all over the place. We stopped at the elementary school in Langley, we stopped by the Bayview Farmers market, we even took photos in an old shack where we found snakes and my senior was perfectly okay.


What I love so much is capturing the beauty of the person. I like to take close portraits and focus on the face. My goal is to capture the essence of the person. I want to make a portrait that will get framed and be treasured by family for years to come. Often I look at senior photos taken by other photographers and I don’t see any connection between subject and artist. I see a job being completed. That is not my style.  So if you are here on Whidbey island looking for that great senior photographer, here I am. I have a lot of great Whidbey Island locations to take you to, or you can take me to your ideal location.