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Maternity Photoshoot in Mt. Vernons Roozengaarde Tulip Fields

Heres a crazy story for you. I was taking my photography students on a field trip to Roozengaarde Tulip Farm. While there, they had 5 assignments to complete. One of which was to photograph a stranger. Now, being the awesome teacher that I am, I also do the assignments.  As soon as we got to the tulip fields my kids scattered all across the fields photographing the tulips. I was behind them all and I walked past a very pregnant woman being photographed by what I could tell was an amateur. I let the woman take her maternity pictures and then asked if I could take some. I quickly explained my situation and they were both so happy to have me take some images. I was so happy to photograph a pregnant stranger at Roozengaarde surrounded by flowers. I gave my spontaneous pregnant model some maternity poses to try and I took only a handful of images. It was kind of weird to photograph this pregnant woman professionally but have no planning lead up to the maternity shoot. Normally a lot of thought and planning goes into a maternity shoot and for this, I had none. I had to think on the fly, I had to work in my very narrow parameters and I had to get a great maternity picture. Whats more, I only used my iPhone! After I took my few maternity images I got her number and later that day I texted her a copy of my favorite prego image. There was no other exchange, no plan to capture her later with her newborn or meet up to do a serious maternity shoot. However, if you are interested in a non-spontaneous, totally professional maternity photoshoot, please contact me. Mt. Vernons Roozengaarde is a gorgeous spot to do it!!