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Newborn Photography on Whidbey Island Clinton, Langley, Oak Harbor

Photographing a newborn is so much harder than the Pinterest pictures make them look.  They seem like they would be so easy! They are one of the hardest to photograph in my opinion. I had a bride that became a mom and she won a photo session from me. She was one of my best brides and needless to say, I was very nervous about doing her photo shoot. Luckily I met a woman (at a wedding of course!) who wound up practically being my neighbor and was due around the same time as my bride. She was more than happy to let her baby be my practice baby and I remembered so many rules about photographing a newborn.


Lets go over theses “best practices” as we will call them instead of rules. Babies should be brand new when photographed. We are talking no less than 10 days old. Another thing to do is allow several hours to accommodate feeding and diaper changes. New parents and parents of small children also tend to run a little late. Make sure your place is warm, babies love warmth. Have mom and dad around, or mom and friend, or even mom and an assistant. Having a few people around to help stylize baby is key. Food for mom is great, an extra set of wipes is great and a comfy place for mom to take care of baby is also great.


My photo shoot was just the practice I needed to get back into photographing newborns. It was very long and very hot but we got a few cute pictures. Babies also tend to make not so cute faces so be ware of that. A newborn session is going to take a lot of time and as long as you know this this should be fine. Hopefully your newborn sleeps so well and gets a good poop out of the way!