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Adventure Wedding Rings

Often times I get to spend a long time with the wedding rings of couples. Its pure delight for me. The rings and I go on adventures, trying out scenes and forever perfecting the perfect ring pose. Over the years I have seen so many great pieces from delicate tiny handmade rings to rubber so the military will let you fly. The rings and I have been in apple trees, trespassed property and on wooden spoons. My lenses are specially designed so I can creep right into the rings face and make it shine. 

Couples have no idea the adventure the rings went on while they busily got ready. As the ceremony gets to the exchanging of the rings I think about that final moment I had with them and how gorgeous they were. Since its so weird to have your wedding rings in 4 different killer spots I have to edit and choose 1. It breaks my heart to pass up the beautiful rejects but I'm always in awe of the one I hand over. 

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