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South Whidbey High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Last week I was blessed to photograph the third and final boy in the Hoerner household. His mother asked me what feels like a million years ago to do her sons senior pictures. I had never photographed a senior before but I didn’t tell her that! I just said yes, of course, and I never looked back. Since that senior there have been a dozen since him and a bulk of them are referrals from her!


Unfortunately, a horrible thing happened to me. The poor boy had to watch this horrible thing happen to me. This thing that happened is the reason you never wear a skirt to a photography job. I slipped and first flew into the air and then landed on my arms and skinned my camera lens. I can only imagine the horror. I have seen my mother fall numerous times and it’s very funny. It’s hilarious and painful to watch someone fall. There I went, legs in the air, skirt all over the place (I was in leggings and boots, Hunter boots that I now hate for literally letting me down) and camera reaching out into thin air. I crashed onto concrete that I then also slid more on. We were on a boat launch, in the rain and it was covered in mossy seaweed.  My last thought before I went down was “Be careful”.


Looking at the pictures, it pains me to think of the images we almost didn’t make. My arms are incredibly sore. I had to take to my bed after the photo shoot. However, we got some really great pictures after that. We made them on Whidbey Island down in Clinton. We went to the Cultus Bay Nursery, Scatchet Head beach and over to Maxwelton. My senior boy brought along his adorable senior girlfriend and we were even able to capture some cute couple pictures. We have done this with all three of the boys. As a matter of fact it is rumored that the oldest boy is about to pop the question to his girlfriend we photographed a million years ago and a wedding could be in my near future!


So, if you are a high school senior in south Whidbey, or Oak harbor, or even Lynnwood contact me for senior high school pictures! I promise not to wear a skirt, own better boots and take pictures that could potentially be shown at your wedding!!