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Occasionally I like to photograph things that are not people. Still Life photography we call it in the industry. Still Lifes keep me busy and occupied in places I am but cannot be photographing people. I do this a lot in people’s houses. I photograph their spice cupboard, their houseplants or even the knickknacks on their bookshelf. I walk a lot and I photograph my still life randomness on these walks also. That way when I get home I have more pictures to edit and stash in a still life folder for another day. I am a photo junkie; I seriously can’t get enough. I would rather work on pictures than virtually anything else.


Now that I am writing about it I can hear my dad tell me to create a Still Life Series. This late in the game though I would have a lot of images to slog through. I should just get them on Instagram with a #stilllife hashtag. Besides, the series would get broken down into mini series. One mini series that stands out is my Yakima still lifes. We go several times a year and Yakima is a wonderful place for Wahington as it actually participates in all the seasons. Some of my favorite images come from the house we visit. They have a farm so the place is huge, tons of things to photograph and it is always different each visit. It is still life mecca. Often I fantasize of hanging these still life images in a coffee shop or bakery. I always nix the idea though out of fear that I am actually the only one who likes them. But I really like these stills taken of my life.