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Sunset Wedding Whidbey Island Wedding Photographer

When photographing a wedding one of the best ways to capture the commitment of a couple is to capture them with a sunset. A bride and groom against a stunning skyline is dramatic. It adds so much power, so much captivation that it leaves the viewer feeling captivated. One cant help but feel that this photographed couple is amazing.


Getting a sunset captured in wedding photos isn’t always going to happen. I would say that very few of my weddings have been lucky enough to have one. However, when we have one I will literally drag my bride and groom out of their venue and put them against the sky. Some of my very best sunsets have come from the Kirkland water front. Once I had a wedding on Friday the 13th in Bellingham and there was an epic wind/rainstorm that brought some great images. Another really great place that brought terrific sky was the World Trade Center in Downtown Seattle. It was a very hot day and my couple was an hour late but we got awesome city skyline sunset pictures.


One of my best sky days was an August wedding on Widbey Island. The wedding was shabby chic and full of pink. In was in Langley on the water and I was photographing a very dear friends wedding. The sky mixed with the colors of the wedding plus the water was gorgeous. I was so honored they allowed me the opportunity to photograph their wedding. I revert to that wedding so often for producing promotional material.


For my next big sky wedding I would really love a farm wedding in Yakima. Any takers?