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Super Bowl Whidbey Island Elopement on Puget Sound

When a wedding literally throws a curve ball at you, its pretty fantastic. For the life of me I can’t remember why we had this football. Half the guests were female nurses and there was no Bro vibe coming off the groomsmen. 

The couple were really laid back and definitely a stand out fave. Their venue was vintage, like 1960s ballroom aesthetic and I absolutely fell in love. We had gloriously high ceilings, windows for walls and everything looked out onto the Puget Sound. 

When we signed the marriage license I remember the groom stating that now she was his ex-girlfriend. He was of course making a joke, because she was now his wife, making her a former girlfriend. 

This wedding was a fabulous wedding, where we had so much fun and there was zero drama. However when I was looking over them again, it just cracked me up. Where did it come from? How did I forget this hilarious moment?


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