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Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir shoots put most models out of their comfort zones and often times there is a struggle for models to feel comfortable and safe afterwards because of that step out.  When the fun is over and the reality of what the model has done, the repercussions that could happen start to sink in and the fun is very much over. After a few gut wrenching experiences I have learned that I really need a new way to process these sessions.


The new way is to have a contract of sorts that explains the price of the shoot, where the photos go after they are taken and how they are permanently deleted. To start of, boudoir shoots start at $250. The images downloaded into the computers first application program are deleted once they are copied to a folder created for your shoot. As the images are edited down for blurriness, expressions and exposure, they are deleted from my computers hard drive. Once the images are fully edited they are uploaded to a private online gallery that is deleted after 30 days. Once the images are uploaded online, they are permanently removed from my computers hard drive. Images may be put on a flash drive provided by model. Flash drives should be able to hold at least 6GB. Once the images are on the external drive they are removed from my computers hard drive Finally, the card I used in my camera to take your images will be re formatted and that translates to deleted. Once the model has the images, I do not and never will. There will be no way to see previous work that I have done in the past.


At first not keeping images was beyond my comprehension. There is no way to get better if you don’t study what you do. These images are not for me and honestly, I am good with letting them go as quickly as they come in. My models need to feel safe, comfortable and not sick about what they did. From now on models and I will be in frequent communication over the  images and I will take a backseat to how they are handled. Models can always come to me over anything. It shouldn’t need to be said but this is literally my career and I promise on that career that I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I am really here to take pretty pictures, not ruin lives.