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Whidbey Island Cake Smash Photography One Year Birthday Photoshoot

Having a baby turn one is truly such a milestone. It means so much for the child and for the parents it is an especially big deal. No longer are they a baby but they are a toddler. Along with this great milestone comes lots of bonuses one of which is being able to eat lots more types of food including CAKE!!!! A birthday cake smash is a ton of fun to photograph and watch. For most kids it’s a first time they can be reckless, be encouraged to get dirty and practice mayhem. All my cake smash children have shown a calm demeanor, they seem very confused that they are being encouraged to be messy and none have truly smashed a cake. However, every cake smash photo shoot has been cute, fun and always worth the effort. Here we have AJ who insisted on eating his cake with a spoon. He was a real charmer and was excellent at smiling for me but not that into destroying his cake. I will take cute pictures of cute kids over a messy, frosting covered studio any day!