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Whidbey Island Photo Booth

As the year starts to progress I am getting more and more excited about using the photo booth. It remains still a pretty new thing and not a lot of people know about it but this year I feel very excited about it making its 2nd round. Our photo booth started out as many of my ideas start out, an accident. Wellington Day School on Whidbey Island was having a carnival and needed a few attractions. Being a photographer and only able to offer photo related attractions the photo booth idea was born. It sort of stopped there. I had no idea how to get it assembled and then networking came to my rescue.I was talking about my idea to a fellow mom where I was lamenting about not having access to a refrigerator box (we have seriously come along way) and she mentioned going to the appliance store and asking for an extra box. A light bulb seriously went off. From there it was easy as pie. We got the box, the paint, built a bench, found a curtain and bam. We had great success!! The only problem was the box was really a one-time use. After asking for a 2nd box, we were tuned down. So, we stole a box, did the whole thing again and had another great success at the Maxwelton Fourth of July parade.  Our box was a complete disaster afterwards. Still, we needed to do something; we had other events coming up like Choochokum, the Island County Fair and a couple weddings. So my husband and I cranked out ideas and shopped around. We finally came up with a design, spent a bunch of money and now we have a photo booth that can handle anything. Something you may not realize is that people get crazy in a photo booth. Lots of people make out, people like to get in with all 10 of their girlfriends and the big thing is that they like to change expressions, which surprisingly can virtually knock the booth over. Several times at Choochokum and the Island County Fair we had to hold on to that booth to prevent it from falling over.With all that craziness going on it is still very exciting to get back into doing the photo booth. We are looking for events on Whidbey Island to set up in. We want to get in more weddings, we really want to get into school dances (that would be the best) and of course we want to do more festivals and farmers markets. It is starting to look like a very fun year for the photo booth and I am super excited to share all the stories created in-between those four tiny walls.