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Whidbey Island Text Message Wedding Photographer

While at the beach with my kids a few days ago a text message came through on my phone. I was busy with the kids and I didn’t respond to it immediately. About half an hour later I looked at it and I was dumbfounded. A woman I used to work at Nordstrom with years ago had messaged me out of the blue. We weren’t close but we stayed connected through facebook. Anyway, she texts me that she is getting married and would I photograph it. I quickly responded that I too was THE ONE.


A few texts later she tells me that she always knew that if she was to get married she wanted me to photograph it. It touched me to my core. That was seriously one of the sweetest things ever said to me by a client. I am so excited to find out who this guy is, where the wedding will be and how she will wear her hair. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her. She has this shock of electric blonde hair and its CURLY. Its quite fabulous.


The whole thing made me so thankful for social media, for texting and for our modern world. I don’t think I would have been contacted without the help of staying in touch through Facebook and I am so thankful that we could communicate through text messages instead of talking. This way I was able to load up my tired children into the car and make them dinner instead of talking on the phone and ignoring them. Clients are very important to me but sometimes mom duty just can’t be postponed. So since I cant post a photo of her, here is one of my daughter from our beach day.