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Whidbey Island Wedding Cake Photography

The othe day I decided to go through my wedding cake pictures and look for the first one. The disapointment was real. Years and years went by until I found a picture that I thought was fun and cute enough to post. Even then, its a cupcake, a bright red cupcake eaten by a redhead no less in a fabulous red dress and freaking leopard print sunglasses. Accepting that this was not what I had in mind but rather what I didn't know I wanted was awesome. The hunt for the cake picture taught me a lot about the clients I like to attract. Fun clients. Clients whose main goal is to get married and have fun doing so, in their own way. 

A little background on this image. Its actually my cousins wedding. Normally I do not recomend having your cousin shoot your wedding but in this case, I let it slide. Her theme was rainbow and the entire bridal party, including our shared boy cousin, was a vibrant shade from the spectrum. Our cousin wore yellow and looked a lot like big bird becasue he is unfortunately quite tall. This lovely cake model was the color red and freaking nailed it. The decision to go Hollywood glam was fitting because the ceremony took place in our hometown of El Cajon, California. After seeing her glasses, I'm pretty sure I went out and bought myself a pair. The  cupcakes were all colors of the rainbow and she happened to choose red. When coincidences like this go on, my energy spikes and you can tell through the photos that the event was fun. 

This is why I shoot elopements and small intimate ceremonies. These ceremonies read between the lines and the photos that come from them are powerful, beloved and sacred. When I get to photograph these treasures its a blessing. I know I am crazy for loving this job but I really do. ❤️✨


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