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Whidbey Island Wedding Photographer- Capturing a Moment

One of the reasons I became interested in photography is because people around me would tell me I took good pictures. Being ten years old, this was something I needed to hear. I always felt this urge to find something I was good at. Being ten, I wasn’t very good at anything besides reading. So when family told me I took good pictures I latched on and never let go.


As I got older my dad would tell me I had this knack for capturing a moment. He would call me the “Queen of the self-portrait” and he encouraged me every step of the way. He was instrumental in me pursuing photography as a career. He was an artist and taught me a lot about being an artist and how to go about pushing my work.  The best thing he ever told me though was telling me I could capture a moment.


It brought attention to being able to capture poignant moments in people’s lives.  I started to focus more on “the moment”, recognizing what it was, when it would happen and learning to decipher the best image out of a group. I started to notice other photographers and how they worked. I stared to study to the way photographers took pictures and I started to study imagery and decide what was good from what was mediocre.


As I photograph weddings I become better and better at getting these moments. Getting these beautiful moments that pull at heartstrings. Its funny, I can be there in the moment photographing the wedding and not feel a thing. Then, I go over the images and get emotional. In my imagery you look at a bride or groom or bridal party and see the love, the sincerity, the joy that was there the whole time. It just took capturing it to notice.


This ability to capture a fleeting emotion is why I keep going back to the camera. I have captured so many moments, I have made so many people happy and I could stop right now knowing I have made this world a better place but I wont stop. I love giving people pictures. I love capturing happy, emotional and tender moments. I love to make people happy.