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Whidbey Island Wedding photography and photo booth

I like to volunteer at my sons school. We are putting on a carnival and I thought it would be fun, and marketable for me, to put together a photo booth. When I first thought of the idea, I was unsure about the outcome and the cost. I have spent the last few days scouring Whidbey Island and making a special trip to the mainland for supplies but I believe I have an excellent first photo booth.


For me, I get really caught up in the details. I know a lot of wedding photographers offer a “photo booth” but its not really a photo booth. More often than not, it a piece of fabric hanging up, a few props and a camera the photographer uses. There is no booth, no privacy and therefore a real waste of the true nature of a photo booth. When I was trying to come up with how I would get a booth I jokingly said to one of the moms that I didn’t know anyone buying a refrigerator. She gave me a serious look and told me to go ask our local appliance place. It was like the 4th of July in my brain. All of a sudden I saw that yes, I could pull off this idea. So after the appliance store gave me a huge burly cardboard box I got to work. I bought all the gold push pins and white contact sheet paper sold at our hardware store, I bought all the fabric Joannes had that was red and white, I bought all the double sided Velcro and gold glitter tape our craft store had and after two straight days of working, I had a genuine photo booth. Almost everything I bought for the booth took out the entire inventory where I shopped. Everything got used though and it looks great.


So now, if a couple are interested in having a photo booth I can do that. It will cost about $200 but it will be a fun thing to add to the wedding. The photos are even true-ish photo booth images. Its an app I have on my phone that simulates what being in a booth is actually like. You get the 4 vertical photos, the blinking light, the pop of flash and best of all, they can be emailed directly to you. I had my son and his friends try it out and they loved it! It was nice to kid test the booth. Everything sold should be passed over to a few kids under 5 to see where any flaws may reside. I feel like such a success! My very own Whidbey Island Wedding Photo Booth! Lets get planning people!!