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1920s Wedding Monroe Washington Eagle Park

Have you ever gone to a wedding where a guest brought a tommy gun? Sounds terrifying and perhaps classic 1920s behavior. Well folks, a few months ago in Monroe tucked away from the hustle and bustle next to a babbling brook Cassidy and Raymond tied the knot in a 1920s themed ceremony.  The wedding party was decked out in1920s costume. The guests even went with the theme! To help set the mood the décor was true vintage 1920s memorabilia collected by the bride and groom. I was in heaven and captured so many sweet moments.


The wedding was low key with a lot of help done by family and friends. I had a gentleman pull me aside and ask me to take his portrait. He confided in me that at every wedding he has a portrait of himself taken and he simply loves seeing the results. He reminisced over a few before I attempted my take. We laughed and talked about how I was under no pressure to make this one the greatest (even though that is exactly what I felt and as far as I’m concerned, nailed).


Cassidy and Raymond were very family oriented at this wedding. Many family members were included in the wedding party. Cassidy’s mother was the officiant, brothers, sisters plus other family served as the wedding party and Cassidy’s son along with Raymond’s two daughters all stood with them during the ceremony. Cassidy and her father shared an amazing dance together where they were swing dancing like they were from New Orleans.


I discovered this gorgeous serene brook a little past where the ceremony was held. We decided to use the long brook as the backdrop for our formal images. There was a train trestle and right before we launched into formal pictures with the wedding party a guest brought out his Tommy Gun. I took some photos of people smoking cigars while the Tommy Gun was inspected and eventually we incorporated it into our formals because seriously, I’m not missing this opportunity. 


The day was blessedly gorgeous. I had so much fun milling about getting pictures of the guests and couples. With so many people dressed up and carrying these vintage props it was a dream come true. Its always nice also to take these pictures and have guests thank me for taking the photo or telling me stories about their life or knowing I captured a fleeting moment between two people that will be forever treasured. I know I captured a dad laying on the grass while his baby drove in her first  toy car, and two friends who will have to wait years before another photo of the two of them is taken and couples who aren’t together anymore but still love another, all of this is so sweet and wonderful. The photos turned out lovely for this enthusiastic couple and I’m so grateful I got to be part of it.