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Photographing Wedding Bands in the Cliche Way

A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding over in Freeland on Whidbey Island. It was a gorgeous wedding at the couple’s home. I was quite excited because there were horses, fields of flowers and tons of rustic scenery. I am such a sucker for awesome backdrops.


The bride also had some gorgeous flowers. Now, photographing wedding rings are actually and unfortunately not my best thing.  My problem is I compare myself to the best of the best that take the most amazing pictures of wedding rings. For some reason I am just not as creative as they are but I am working on it and in all honesty, I am good at it. Taking pictures of the wedding rings with the flowers is known to be somewhat cliché. Occasionally it is the perfect shot to take. My wedding in Freeland was just the circumstance.


The brides’ bright flowers mixed with their unusual flair created a wonderful image to capture the wedding rings. It was a combination of perfect shot of flowers and perfect shot of wedding bands. I was quite pleased with it. The wedding in Freeland provided for such a plethora of splendid images that even I love to look over them as if they were from my own wedding.