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High School Senior Portraits Whidbey Island

Photographing Senior Portraits on Whidbey Island is like chocolate cake everyday of the year. I love photographing High School Senior Portraits. I say High School because honestly, I tell people I do senior portraits and they look at me confused. I don’t photograph Senior Citizens (although I would), I photograph High School Seniors, specifically on Whidbey Island.


The Island is rich with locations. We have the woods, we have Scatchet Head Beach, Double Bluff Beach, the Bayview Farmers Market, Bayview Farm and Garden, Langley, we have old wood barns, red brick walls, random red doors, so many fields of wild grass and flowers. It is so photogenic here and tying in high school seniors is a match made in heaven.


Photographing high school seniors has always been one of my top favorite jobs. High school seniors are at this pinnacle in their life where they have just entered adulthood and they are fresh and gorgeous. I find it virtually impossible to take bad images. I am always on the hunt for that next senior and the next location. If you are or know of a high school senior on Whidbey Island, please send me a message.