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Location Hunting and Destination Weddings

I am starting to gear up for a lot of destination weddings this year. This will be the first year that I have more weddings out of state than I have in state. To prepare myself I’ve been browsing weddings from last year and I keep going back to one of my favorites that was photographed in Colorado.

Joseph and Gianna were a gorgeous couple. They were the kind you find on the best of Pinterest. They had a very large wedding party, truly one of the biggest I have ever had to photograph. It just shows though how much support they have by friends and family. The groom Joseph had a lot of friends he collected from so many parts of his life. Gianna picked her sisters and Josephs sisters plus cousins and a bestie for her bridesmaids. Joseph was one of the few grooms I have seen to ball when he saw Gianna walk down the aisle. It was so sweet and it makes it hard for me to work because it makes me want to cry.

As I go over the images I remember the hardships of not being familiar with a location. I definitely researched the venue and stalked other photographers on their pictures of the venue. It worked in my favor that it was a sunny day and I was able to envision beautiful imagery. Research is key but so is experience. I have photographed so many weddings in so many places like Mt. Rainier, Whidbey Island and Seattle backyards but you never know what will truly work until you get behind the lens and snap. Our Colorado location at the Historic Pinecrest Event Center had a lovely spot in an unlikely area. Our prize spot was hidden behind the church and was only discovered while photographing the very nervous groomsmen smoking. It was a path turned into a semi arbor with the sun rising up behind it. As soon as I snapped the groom posing I knew it was our winner. When I put Joseph and Gianna next to one another and gave them a pose to try it blew me away. I knew instantly we had a winner and I could go home a happy wedding photographer.

This year we have weddings in San Diego, Portland and Greely. I am very busy with all the preparations but if you are looking for a wedding photographer for this season or next, please let me know. I love researching venues and I love travel. Lets go make some wedding photography magic!