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Whidbey Island Wedding Photography Featuring Photo Booth

Lately my time has become consumed with Photo Booth. It started out so innocently. I made a photo booth for a fundraiser thinking it would make some money and I would move on. No. I received an email from someone who thought I should join the Whidbey Island arts festival Choochokum. From there I thought, why not put a photo booth into the Maxwelton 4th of July Parade. Then the Whidbey Island Make Whidbey event. The Bayview Farmers market is considering my photo booth as well. Also, I now have a bride that wants a photo booth. I sort of feel like this is how overnight success works.


My current booths are made from cardboard. That’s well and fine if its just for a short term thing and can be destroyed after the event. When you have five events though that the photo booth needs to go to and the events are growing you find yourself starting to think seriously. My husband and I are a perfect match. Engineer and artist. I toss out an idea and he nixes it on account of its really not a good design. He tosses out an idea and I nix it on account of its too technical for me to pull off. Back and forth we have gone. For our next date night, instead of heading to the restaurant we have been dreaming about all quarter we are getting Mexican street tacos and heading over to the lumber yard.


I am quite excited to offer my photo booth to brides and grooms for their wedding day. Whidbey island needs a legitimate photo booth. I am so sick of seeing these long expanses of fabric backdrops and a camera in front. Photographers are calling this a “photo booth”. Its not. Its an excuse to charge $400 extra dollars on a wedding and provide little effort. My photo booth is as close to the originals as I can allow in this modern world. Its so much fun, addicting and best of all, the photo strip is the final outcome. Its quite wonderful.


If you are a bride looking for a fun addition to your wedding photos, I highly recommend this booth. We are custom designing them to your wedding and our price is still quite reasonable. Whidbey Island wedding photography is changing and I hope this addition will be another reason to hire me as your amazing wedding photographer.