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Childrens Portraits Whidbey Island

Taking portraits of children is so much fun, especially when you really nail it. I love photographing children. They are so cute, so beautiful and often just enchanting. Children’s portraiture is a fine art. If a child does not want their picture taken, you are not going to get a good photo. It takes real work to get a real good portrait of a child.


I am truly one of the most patient people you will ever meet. I have no problem putting the camera down and just engaging with a child until they warm up enough to have their portrait taken.  I like to capture children doing what they enjoy doing. I am not one to ask a child to stop what they are doing and simply smile for me. I prefer capturing them engaged in themselves. Some of my favorite pictures of children are when they are not smiling. I honestly cannot stand hearing a parent ask for a smile. Now, I am one of those people who will ask for a smile when I know the time is right. However, I wont pose a child and then tell them to smile, that is the wrong way to go about getting a good portrait.


Good portraits of children come from just being with them.  Sometimes you have to settle for the bad pictures in order to really walk away with a good picture. Oftentimes, I let my child models run a course of faces for me and by playing this game with them I always get a great portrait. It is a huge hit for me at weddings and it’s a ton of fun for the children. When I am photographing my own children I always let them make the faces they want to. In the end I end up with true depictions of my children that I (of course) think are better than everyone else’s posed child portraits. My portraits of children are always honest depictions of the child. They are enchanting portraits that you want to print as big as you can and hang above the fireplace. You will find yourself staring at this beautiful child and getting lost in the magic they command.