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Photographing Wedding Bridal Bouquets on Whidbey Island

When it comes to pictures and flowers, I am kind of a snob. I am not afraid to tell you I don’t like your picture. I am also not afraid to tell you your flowers are really lame. However, if you are a bride and you show up with a bouquet of fake roses that looks like a waterfall and is clasped in your hand with a plastic handle, I will shut my mouth and just take great pictures.


Generally speaking though, my brides usually have jaw dropping bouquets and I want to catch them all but know that would be hugely unprofessional of me. Plus not cool, I am married.  I wish there was a hundred ways to photograph a bouquet so that the wedding album could be full of pictures of the bouquet but there isn’t. Two or three is the cut off, couples really want to fill the album up with events from the day. Still, photographing the bouquet is thrilling for me. I am a detail shot photographer. I love the details in a wedding and go crazy. Crazy in a good way though.


I once had a wedding that was a big deal for me. She was GORGEOUS and was sort of a big deal with a certain local company. When she got her bouquet, which was white roses, it was hugely damaged. It was in such bad shape she didn’t even carry it. Who got a gorgeous picture of it though? Me. That’s right. There is no bouquet I can’t handle. I can even make that hideous, fake, plastic rose waterfall a success. Because I care. Plus, I am really good at what I do.


If I may give all you potential brides a few helpful hints at picking the right bouquet I will. My number one, favorite place to pick a bouquet is The Pike Place Market. Hands down, the best place to get your flowers. My second pick is a farmers market. The people who sell at the Pike Place generally sell also at the farmers markets. I once photographed a wedding where the brides sister in law went on a midnight rampage through the streets of Ballard and picked every flower she could find. She aced it. Knowing a florist is key. Knowing a gardener is key. The bouquet shows up a lot in the pictures, make sure who ever you hire is someone you trust.