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Discretion in a Boudoir Photography Session Whidbey island

Discretion. I had a hard lesson in this a few months ago. As a boudoir photographer it should not have come as a shock to me, yet it did. I realize that some of my clients would like a LOT of discretion when it comes to tastefully nude images of them. Some of you are okay with me using an image from our session to help me promote myself, some of you would like them to never see the light of day.


In all my years of shooting boudoir images I have never had a client ask me to delete the images after they received them. Now, don’t get the wrong impression, they LOVED the pics. They just didn’t want them existing beyond their control due to the fact that lives could have been ruined, careers could have ended in disgrace, global wars started (I kid, I kid). I of course consented to their wishes but it was surprisingly very hard for me to do that. See, I use these images for myself. You may look at them as a token of love for your significant other while I look at them as my art. I revert back to my pictures all the time to see what I liked, what I need to work on and what I want to do next. It pained me so much to delete those images, I really had some good ones in that boudoir session.  Plus, what was I to blog???


Still, I walked away with a happy client. That is my most important goal. I also learned that I need to incorporate a few new things into the way I handle boudoir sessions and make sure my clients are okay with my system. So there you go. I can vouch that complete and total discretion will be used when you choose me to be your boudoir photographer on Whidbey Island, or Seattle, or Bellingham, or Paris, or Mexico, or the Amazon (hint, hint). Plus, here you go, my first and hopefully only blog using a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with its post.