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San Diego Wedding, Tacos and The Color Yellow

Last spring I headed down to my beautiful San Diego to shoot one of the best weddings of the year. This couple had invited all their friends and family who are a tight knit. There was so much socializing, so much laughing, so much dancing and so much fun. Even though you plan for your wedding to be this epic party, it doesn’t always happen for whatever reason.

For starters it was quite simple. They married at a public park and had the reception there as well. As a matter of fact I had to work hard to make sure that the school bus barn located across the street wasn’t in the photos. The decorations were extremely minimal, what decorations were there were all rainbow colors (that’s another story) and the food was brought in from a local Mexican food place and was just tacos. It was the best time!! My bride and groom were so laid back, they had no agenda other than to get married, hang with family, dance a little and of course eat tacos and rainbow cupcakes.  So, that made for shooting a super easy, colorful and awesome party.

What really made it my favorite wedding was the pictures I got out it. I’ll be honest though, I was nervous. Here I was headed to a public park to make gorgeous images. What if there were unsavory people, what if the grounds were poorly landscaped, what if the bathrooms were nasty, what if school busses dotted the background??? Luckily you virtually can’t go wrong with San Diego landscape. It beats the cold dead looking NW any day.  I whisked my couple off to this back corner of the venue, where I am pretty sure the freeway ws on the other side and we created magic in that corner. My bride possessed this Hollywood glamour that came out when she posed. The sun filtered through the eucalyptus magnificently. My groom adored his bride and I took some of the best couple portraits in my career.

If you have a wedding planned in San Diego, or you have a low key wedding planned with lots of color and tacos, please book me. If your friends are all musicians and dancers, please book me. If you plan to make your bridesmaid a dude and force him to be the yellow color in the rainbow, please, please, please book me.