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Running a Photography Business and operating with a slow internet speed

I am a wedding and (high school) senior photographer located on Whidbey Island and I work on the south end. I work in a tiny community and it is primarily in the woods. I’m country. Like, Boonies. I get on my phone and every single time I have to repeat myself because the phone line cuts in and out. This is why I text. Running a photography business when this is common practice drives me nuts. I rely heavily on Internet. I need it to communicate with clients through email, photo sharing and uploading client galleries. I also teach photography and again, I need the Internet to be fast, smooth and always available. Unfortunately it is not the case where I work or teach. Perhaps it’s the trees, perhaps it’s the island time, perhaps I’m the problem.

A few weeks ago I had a client gallery to post, rough 250 images and I had another 250 images for our school yearbook to upload. I was getting nowhere. I could upload a few images a day. A DAY. I wish I had all the time in the world to sit in front of my computer and upload images but I cant. I have a house to clean, people to feed and errands to run. I had just finished teaching this particular day where I spent the bulk of class uploading images to one site and then transferring them to a different site and having it go nowhere. I gave up and left school to go to my favorite place to work, The Flower House Café. If you have not been to this place, you need to go. Flowers and coffee. It’s the best and I feel like an artist in Paris socializing with other artists in Paris, only I’m on an island in the woods. I digress. I was having ZERO luck at the café. As I would try to upload something I would study the gentleman sitting at my table working on the hugest salad I’d ever seen. He was making phone calls on a blue tooth saying things about how “this was important to the client and we need to get it done”, people would stop by and say hello to him. Well all the while I studied him, he was studying me and watching me grow more and more frustrated. My time had ended and it was time to go to my next destination. He stopped me and told me I should go to Langley and check out The Big Gig. He had no idea what I was doing on my computer he just knew I wasn’t happy. Turns out he was the CEO of Whidbey Telecom, neighbor of The Flower House Café. A few days later my life became so much better.

On my next free day I went to Langley and went to The Big Gig storefront where I took an Ethernet cord, plugged in and uploaded 500 images in 10 minutes. Something that would have taken me weeks to accomplish was suddenly done in minutes. This is why I am the problem. I upload. Uploading is much more taxing on internet than downloading.

For a small business that operates on a small island this is huge for me. Suddenly my day opens up to accomplish more tasks geared toward developing my business. Also, clients now get their stuff faster. I visit The Big Gig a couple times a week now uploading and giving clients the images they are waiting for. Thank you George for reaching out to me, for being social and for giving Langley the fastest Internet in Washington.