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Whidbey Island Family Portrait Photography

Recently I got a request for a last minute photo shoot. On a whim this woman decided to have family photos captured for her parents 30th wedding anniversary. While the parents were off celebrating she gathered her brother and son on a historic Whidbey Island property to capture some family time.

Now, lets talk about how it was still winter when we did this and lets also talk about how the son was not into having his picture taken and while we are at it lets mention this historic property faces the cold ocean wind and was littered with trailers and kid toys. Did I balk? Not at all. We forged on and we were able to capture some terrific images of a 30 year production.

Family photos are a difficult thing to orchestrate. There are all kids of obstacles like color coordinating, tired kids, obstinate family members, weather, locations and getting an entire group to look good all at the same time. Once everything has been worked out the results are so precious. The memory of the day can be painful but the results will warm your hearts for years.