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My favorite thing is when someone refers me. It is such a compliment and I personally think it shows great integrity. When I receive a referral from someone my first reaction is to thank that person and offer a gift. It usually comes as a print from their previous session but I have also been known to cut them a sweet deal.


My first and only boudoir session came this way. My model was on the hunt for a photographer and asked the right person. My friend referred me to her. I was so honored. Really, we know each other through our husbands but she sees my work and I did family portraits for her before. She knows this isn’t my typical thing and that I live on the other side of the mountains but we made it work.


My model wanted a few pictures to give her boyfriend for Valentines Day; also she was 6 months pregnant. I love going to see my friend across the mountains so off we went in the middle of winter and got some fantastic pictures. My model was gorgeous, super nervous and completely out of her element.  She adapted well and honestly, I was great with her being nervous. I was nervous too! Together though we took some fabulous, tasteful, beautiful images of her that thrilled her to the max. She told me I was her photographer for anything else that would come her way. That is a great compliment!