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This time of year is a total changing of the guard. I am exiting the part of my business where I make images instead of take images. During the slow season (non wedding season) I spend my time embroidering and making these gorgeous fine art floral prints. So here I am in flux. Our first wedding of the season is next weekend and its game on until October. I was going through some old images and I came across this beauty. Photographing couples has a default mode. A lot of images we see of couples in love are primarily of the woman using the man as really an accessory. Seldom do we see couple photography where the man is the dominant figure in the image. I snapped this frame during a session where she was really the main figure in the images. The man in the picture treated her like she was his world, he wanted the attention on her, not him. I think this is why this image stood out as the strongest frame from the session. I love how he looks to the viewer with so much happiness and familiarity. Also, it’s a real moment between a couple. This is not always easily captured. Photographer and couple have to click. The couple has to be comfortable posing and pose in a comfortable way. That is the hardest thing to do. Couples expect photographers to pose them but photographers don’t know what poses couples are comfortable in. It’s a careful dance to create that one image that the whole world can connect with and like. Also, on a side note, get your picture taken. It does seem crazy, stupid, expensive and selfish but seriously as the years pass and you look back on the pictures you will be so happy you have the moment captured. That is my goal this wedding season. Taking it back to the changing of the guard, I want to take images that families will be so forever grateful for.